The incredible fishing is available just a few hundred meters away from your accommodation at the end of the fjord where it’s possible to catch cod over 10kg or maybe the halibut of your life! Around 25 minutes by boat you reach the kingdom of the giants. The sea bed is mostly sand with some rocks and drops from 50 to around 300 meters in depth. These variances in depth combined with the strong tides bring a lot of fish to this area and ensures that the ocean is teeming with life. The Seasons starts in april when the skrei cod hit the coast. They come in big shoals and are already mature fish with some jumbo weights to be landed. Throughout the whole Summer season it’s possible to catch large quantities of cod, halibut, catfish, haddock, sei, brosme, redbass, seadevil and a lot of other kinds of fish. The bonus in this area is the chance to catch a rare spotted catfish! The season ends in September with amazing fishing for halibut and big sei! Because of the bottom the fishing here is also not so difficult. The moderate depth, the short distance to the fishing grounds, the excellent amenities and the excellent local knowledge of Jonathan will ensure your stay is a success and your catch will be guaranteed. If you’d like to start your journey with a head start you can book a guided trip with Jonathan with his big boat!